Pinus strobus Greg


Named after Greg Williams of Kate Brook Nursery in Wolcott, VT, who, since the 1950s has discovered, propagated and released to the trade many conifers that have since become classic collectables. This small, soft, full cushion is a slow grower but has become a prized example of a miniature Eastern White Pine for the rock garden.

Williams is probably better known for propagating his Vermont neighbor, William Horsford’s, miniature which bears Horsford’s name today and, indeed, ‘Greg’ very much resembles ‘Horsford’ although ‘Greg’ tends to have shorter needles.

According to Bob Fincham, Williams was developing several witches brooms that showed promise as being another ‘Horsford’ and gave a seedling to a friend (name unknown) in Long Island who later propagated it and named it after its benefactor. Williams accepted the compliment to the degree that he too would go on to grow the conifer that bears his name.

Like all of these congested ground-hugging conifers, it benefits from an annual cleaning of dead needles to improve air circulation and prevent mold and rot. Using your fingers, gently comb up and out the dead needles in the late fall.

↑ 20 cm  (8’’)  ↔   20 cm  (8’’)

Zone 3 ☼